FSP Hydro PTM 750 W Review 3

FSP Hydro PTM 750 W Review

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We would like to thank FSP for supplying the review sample.

FSP recently released the high-end Hydro PTM line thus far consisting of three members with capacities ranging from 550-750 W. The Hydro name is rather odd given these PSUs are air-cooled, especially since we saw FSP showcase their Hydro PTM+ unit that actually employees a water-cooling system for more capacity and performance at Computex. However, this is not the first time FSP has used the "Hydro" name since their portfolio has for some time now included the Hydro G models.

All Hydro PTM units feature a fully modular cable design and are 80 PLUS Platinum certified, with the strongest of them also certified by Cybenetics for their ETA-B (88% to 91% efficiency) and LAMBDA-A (30 to 35 dB[A]) badges. We will take a detailed look at the HPT750M in this review. It is the only Hydro PTM unit equipped with two EPS connectors, which gives it the ability to support high-end mainboards that need two EPS connectors for their CPU DC-DC converters.
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