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FSP Hydro PTM 750 W Review

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Here's the packaging with a photo of the PSU and its modular panel at its face. A series of badges in the bottom-left corner show the 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency, fully modular cable design, and use of nothing but Japanese caps. There is also an icon for 0 dB(A) noise output, and it is probably there to show that there is a semi-passive mode. The weird thing here is that this PSU doesn't have a semi-passive mode, so FSP's marketing team most likely screwed up by putting a semi-passive badge on this product's packaging.

One of two sides has a scheme of the modular cables and their connectors. You will also find the power cord this specific PSU comes with mentioned on this side.

On this side are two graphs with the PSU's output noise and efficiency curves and the power specifications table.

The top of the box mentions the model number and PowerUp, an application FSP has released. This app includes a product overview of FSP's portfolio and a PSU calculator for a rough estimate of your system's power needs once you input the necessary information.

FSP provides a look at the unit's platform on the back that highlights its important aspects. There is also a pretty long features list.


The contents are nicely arranged, and the PSU is completely protected by packing foam.

A small box contains all the modular cables and the AC cord.

The rest of the bundle includes a set of fixing bolts, recycling leaflet, the user's manual, and two sets of stickers. If you don't like the installed stickers, you can use one of the provided sets to better match the PSU to your system's other components.


The PSU's exhaust grille features a unique design with pretty large perforations for increased airflow. Such large perforations can be a security risk, however, since some objects can be inserted into the PSU. We can't think of a normal person who would, but imagine a kid with a screwdriver and access to this side of the PSU.

The side stickers look plain, but you will find two spare sets in the bundle with a more interesting graphics design. There is another large label that includes the PSU's power specifications on the PSU's underside.

The modular panel on the rear includes twelve sockets. A large sticker covers the entire rear, which makes taking this PSU apart hard for us reviewers (or technicians) since there are several screws underneath.

The uniquely styled fan grille and silver lining around it look nice.


All the cables are flat and feature black wires.
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