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Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse Review

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The Package

Feenix ships the Nascita in a plain white box with their fancy logo on top.

It is always nice when you get spare mouse feet with the bundle. The Nascita has two large feet, one at the back and another at the front.

The cable has a very soft braid covering it, and the plug is well made.

Closer Examination

There is not doubt about it: the Nascita is a great-looking mouse, although it comes in pretty plain colors. Feenix does stick to their grey and black color scheme, except for the white, bright logo in the middle.

This mouse has some big headlights, like some mice from CM Storm. What the two LEDs on its front are good for we do not know, but they are on a lot of new gaming mice.

One of the Nascita's unique party tricks is the top-mounted LCD display. It shows you what DPI the sensor is running.

The scroll wheel is pretty solid and the two buttons just south of it feel great as well. These two buttons are by default used to set the DPI of the sensor.

The button mechanisms of these side buttons perform incredibly well. You get good tactile feedback and they reset quickly.
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