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Foxconn P67A-S Intel P67 Preview Review

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Foxconn ships the P67 board in a black cardboard package. Instead of having a specific box for each board, there is a big sticker on the front to let the user know what is inside. Thus, there is no image of the motherboard in the front. The same goes for the back, which holds a lot of very general information about features of Foxconn Mainboards. It would have been nice to see a more specific package for a board like this as most other manufacturers manage to do so as well.

The board has been placed in an anti-static bag and lies on a cardboard divider. The contents are placed below this barrier. Even though I did not treat the package with much care, the device made it save and sound.


You do not get a lot extras with the P67A-S. Two SATA cables besides the mainboard backplate and driver CD is all you will find. This is actually rather meager. It would have been nice to see a wider range of cables, but we should see a bigger set of extras with the upcoming Quantum Force series.
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