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Foxconn Netbox NT-A3500 Review

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Foxconn ships the Netbox in a very compact cardboard box. The cover is not very descriptive, but holds an image of the Netbox, while the inner package is completely white. This is intentional, so that resellers can just replace the outer red and orange cardboard wrap with something of their own and thus easily rebrand it.

The Netbox NT-A3500 comes neatly packaged and protected by bubble wrap.


You will receive a well rounded set of contents. A DVI-I to VGA adapter, the antenna for the built-in wifi, screws, rubber lined, magnetic feet and a plastic stand. A manual and a CD along with a plastic VESA mounting bracket round up the extras of the Foxconn Netbox.

The power brick is nice and compact, even smaller than the Darfon Electronics used in the Netbox NT-330I and rated for 65W. It is identical to the type you will find with many notebooks. Upon closer inspection we can conclude that the unit is made by Hunt Key and delivers 19V at 3.42A.
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