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Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 Review

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Unlike the previous Fractal Design Arc Midi chassis that shipped in a fully colored package, the R2 variant arrives in a plain cardboard box with black print on it. This is just fine and something every manufacturer is doing as a more elaborate package is now a waste of money. The front has an image of the chassis while the rear and sides go into greater detail about what the Arc Midi R2 is capable of.

Fractal Design has secured the chassis with sturdy Styrofoam spacers. These are not quite as voluminous as the ones that came with the previous generation of the Arc Midi, but do just fine.


You will get a great number of sorted, all-black screws, zip ties and a manual with the chassis. Fractal is no longer including a 3.5" adapter, and the separate fan controller is missing as well. The lack of the latter is not an issue as there is a built-in version in the Arc Midi R2.
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