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Fractal Design Celsius S24 Review

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A Closer Look

Unlike the Kelvin series which features copper radiators, the Celsius S24, just like the S36, uses an aluminum radiator. Its fins-per-inch (FPI) count looks to be 21, and to make the most of that surface area requires high static pressure fans or high RPM fans. That said, an FPI count of 21 seems to be typical for most AIOs on the market today. Other than that, it's a relatively thin (31 mm thick) 240 mm radiator. It does, however, feature standard G 1/4" fittings for those wishing to expand the system. Finally when it comes to the included fan hub, Fractal used sleeving on the tubing to hide the necessary wires. This is a clever idea and helps in making the Celsius S24 one of the cleanest looking liquid coolers available.

The design is honestly quite different all things considered. The cable from the radiator is of course completely hidden by the sleeving on the tubing. Selecting PWM or AUTO on the pump is handled by simply turning the outer plastic ring. A rubber cap on the pump's wire keeps it from breaking or bending too far. Thermal paste is also pre-applied on the Celsius S24, but it has been removed here. The copper base is of course circular, same as the pump housing.

When it comes to fans, Fractal Design has included two Dynamic X2 GP12 PWM fans with the Celsius S24. They feature a PWM RPM range of 500-2000 and a maximum CFM of 87.6.
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