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The box Fractal Design uses for the Celsius S36 is pretty large. It measures in at roughly 47 cm long, 17.7 cm wide, and 14.5 cm tall. Starting off, we are greeted with an image of the cooler itself, the warranty's length, and, of course, the fact that it supports AMD's AM4 socket. On the left side are detailed measurements of the radiator, an image as a reference, and a list of supported CPU sockets. Spinning the box around, we are presented with a look at the pump, which has sleeved tubing and hidden cables and a sound-dampening layer inside, as well as a more detailed explanation of the Automatic and PWM fan control modes. Auto has the system intelligently optimize the pump and fans for a balance between performance and noise, while PWM allows for precise control over a software of your choice, using the motherboard's PWM signal.

On the right side are just a bunch of bar codes and a serial number. The top covers the AIO's key points in various languages, while the bottom details said points again in English. Those details include the Dynamic X2 GP12 PWM fans that are included, the integrated fan hub, and the fact that this unit is expandable.


Opening the box, you are greeted by the stereotypical cardboard tray that protects the liquid cooler. This is obviously par the course for AIOs at this point. However, that foam sheet that is usually included on top is not to be found here. It not being present is a bit interesting, and I would prefer to see it make a return. Better protection within reason is always a good thing.

Everything needed for just about every modern socket is included, including AM4. Out of box, the Celsius S36 is configured for Intel systems.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 12x M3 radiator screws
  • 12x M3 short radiator screws
  • 12x Washers
  • 4x Screw pillars
  • 4x Intel 2011 screw pillars
  • 4x Updated AMD screw pillars for AM4
  • 4x AMD screw pillars
  • 4x Phillips head nuts
  • 3x 120 mm fans
  • 2x Stick-on wire clips
  • 1x User's manual
  • 1x AMD mounting clip
  • 1x Intel mounting clip
  • 1x Intel backplate
  • 1x Pre-filled liquid cooler
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