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Fractal Design Integra R2 750 W Review

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Since the dimensions of the unit are pretty compact, there is no need for a large package, so the box that stores the Integra R2 PSU is really small, and it is shaped like a cube. At the front, we find two quarter shots of the PSU along with the nice Fractal Design logo, the 80 Plus Bronze badge, and another badge referring to the three-year warranty period.

We find a brief multi-lingual features description on this side of the box.

The power specifications table and a list of all provided connectors are given on this side.

On the rear, Fractal Design provides a more comprehensive description of the PSU's basic features and an efficiency graph. They, among other things, mention the extremely short case that houses the PSU and the, as they call it, long EPS cable; it is long enough with 680 mm, but it certainly isn't "extra-long". We would only call it "extra-long" if it was over 700 mm long.


We saw a bunch of cables under which the PSU was hiding once we opened the top flap. The PSU is protected by bubble-wrap, and we would like to see some extra protection like packing foam; however, the small dimensions of the box wouldn't allow for packing foam.

The bundle includes several zip ties, a single Velcro-strap, a set of fixing bolts, the user's manual, and an AC power cord.


The first thing that strikes the eye is the unit's small depth, which makes it one of the smallest 750 W PSUs around. The second is surely its white-colored fan that matches the rest of the bundle really well. The small on/off switch resides below the AC receptacle at the front, and one of the two sides has the power specifications table. This table usually resides on the bottom, but that side features a nice fractal scheme instead. At the rear, all native cables are fully sleeved back into the casing, and a grommet around the cable-exit hole provides some extra protection against the edges of its enclosure. Overall, the finish is good enough, although its glossy texture was a real pain for us during photo-shooting.

We noticed a small defect in the cable sleeving. Overall sleeving-quality is definitely not amongst the best we encountered and Fractal Design should pay more attention to this.
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