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Fractal Design NEWTON R3 1000 W Review

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The box features a simple but nice design. The front highlights Fractal's impressive logo and has a super-sized 80 Plus Platinum badge. This is their first Platinum unit, so they show it off and we can't blame them for it. In the bottom left corner is the five-year warranty badge, while two photos in the center show the PSU's sides. Finally, the top of the box has a carrying handle to help you move it around easily.

Both sides have a brief features description in some of the most popular languages.

The rear side has interesting information about the unit's specifications. There are also two graphs illustrating the efficiency and the fan's speed curves. According to the relevant graph, the first sample we had in our hands engaged the fan after around 50% load, a high load level for even a Platinum unit. Thankfully, Fractal Design decided to lower the load level at which the fan engages and set it to around 20% of the unit's maximum-rated capacity. This way, high internal ambient temperatures will be avoided, which effectively increases the lifespan of various temperature-sensitive components.


The user's manual and a note from Fractual Design -informing us that we will find zip ties and Velcro straps in the bag storing all modular cables - greeted us once we opened up the flap. A large piece of packing foam covers all the other contents of the box, and the PSU is wrapped in a nice nylon bag for further protection.

The bag that stores all modular cables looks like a tool bag, with each of its pockets featuring a description of the cables it stores. The last pocket on the right holds the cable ties and the screw kit. Finally, you will also find a card informing you that it is normal for the fan not to operate most of the time. According to Fractal Design, the fan is defective only if it fails to spin up while the PSU is too hot to touch!


Although the design is conservative, the white fan and nice Fractal Design decal on one of the two sides greatly improve the unit's looks. The on/off switch at the front resides below the AC receptacle, while the specifications table can be found on one of the two sides, since Fractal Design didn't want to spoil the unit's bottom side featuring a nice fractal scheme that has been engraved into the casing. The rear has the modular panel and all the fully sleeved native cables of which there could be less. A grommet in the cable exit hole protects the native wires from any sharp edges.
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