Fractal Design NEWTON R3 800 W 0

Fractal Design NEWTON R3 800 W

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The package is large, and its front is covered in two photos of the unit showcasing top and bottom, along with both its sides. The 80 Plus Platinum badge is huge, while the ErP Lot 6 2013 and the 5-year warranty icons are smaller, but still easy noticeable. The model's description is given in white, medium-sized font, and right above it is Fractal Design's logo, which looks nice. The box also has a carrying handle to help you move it around easily.

On this side is a features description list in three different languages.

A description of the most crucial features in German, Chinese, and, most likely, Japanese.

The back of the box elaborates on the features of this unit and provides a graphical list of its available connectors, and a graph here also depicts this PSU's semi-passive operation. There is also a table with its power specifications and an efficiency graph.


The outer sleeve of the box partially hides its white color. The first thing we saw after opening the flap was the user's manual and a large sheet of packing foam that protects the contents.

The PSU is stored in a nice nylon pouch with Fractal Design's logo on it.

Another pouch holds all modular cables, which are neatly arranges into small pockets. The rest of the bundle includes the AC power cord, some cable ties, and a set of fixing bolts. The latter are in the same pouch as the modular cables.


Although its design isn't innovative or unique, it is still attractive enough thanks to its nice decals and the white fan Fractal Design used. The front has a readily usable on/off switch under the AC socket, and the modular panel in the rear has ten sockets. All native cables are also fully sleeved back into the housing, and a grommet around the cable-exit hole protect all affixed cables.

As we already mentioned, the white fan looks cool against the dark, glossy finish of the PSU, but there are too many native cables for our taste. A fully modular design should be exploited since the competition in this price range already follows that route.

We found a nice fractal scheme, engraved into the casing, on the PSU's underside.

Cable sleeving is of medium quality, and the native wires aren't stealth.

While the native cables are rounded, the modular ones are flat and stealth; and the connectors on its PCIe cables are, at least to the PSU, white to distinguish them from the rest.
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