Fractal Design Tesla R2 1000 W 3

Fractal Design Tesla R2 1000 W

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The PSU comes in a medium-sized box with a carrying handle on top. The front has two images of the unit, and the corners on the bottom showcase the unit's 80 Plus Gold badge, SLI- and Crossfire certification, and the three-year warranty. Fractal Design's nice logo resides in the top-left corner.

Multilingual descriptions of the unit's most crucial characteristics can be found on both sides.

The rear side holds a description of the unit's most important features and two graphs depicting the efficiency of the PSU and the fan's speed throughout the entire load range. There is also a table of the rails' characteristics and a list of all available connectors.


The sleeving of the packaging hides a white box with Fractal Design's name on it. Only a nice-looking bag protects the PSU inside the box since there is unfortunately no sign of packing foam, which would surely offer much better protection.

The bundle includes three Velcro-straps, a set of mounting bolts, some zip ties, the user's manual, and the necessary AC power cord.


The PSU is fairly small for its capacity and the finish looks and feels to be of a good quality, although it is glossier than we would like. The front has the classic honeycomb-style exhaust grille, and the on / off switch is located under the AC receptacle. One of the two sides has the table with the rails' power characteristics while the other side has the Fractal Design logo. All native cables leave the back of the enclosure through a hole that is thankfully protected by a grommet to ensure that none of the edges damage any of the cables.

The white fan complements the unit's looks well, and the unit's underside has a nice Fractal scheme that has been engraved into the casing.

All cables are fully sleeved back into the casing. We would highly prefer ribbon cables because they are flat instead of round.
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