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I would like to thank IndiWEB for supplying the Func mouse pads. IndiWEB is the official european distributor for the entire func lineup among other things. The company about page reads as follows:
"WE SUPPORT YOUR SKILL" - this slogan describes our goal. We offer specialized equipment for gamers and professional users to support their PC-skills at best. Many years of experience in this area enable us to focus on the high individual requirements of users. We have a wide range of specialized products in stock in order to fulfill these demands.
Func was founded back in 1999 by a group of dedicated gamers. Ever since their first mat they have continued to push the envelope in terms of glide and precision that you can get from a mouse mat. What sets Func industries apart from many other pad makers is their scientific approach on how to make a mat. This shows in all of their product-lines, i.e. they actually list the roughness scale of the mat (R value). The R value is calculated through an algorithm that incorporates both the distance between peaks and the height of them. This is quite useful in the sense that you can always objectively compare roughness and glide between all of the Func mats.

Func is known to produce some of the best mats for medium to high sensitivity gamers due to the integrity of their surfaces. I will be taking a look at both high sensitivity performance and low sensitivity performance on all of the surfaces.

Today I will be testing the F.10S Large, which is the biggest version of the F.10S line of products from Func.

Package & Closer Examination

As you can see from the images above the mat comes in a plastic box. One of the things that I like about the Func pads in general is that they always come bundled with a nice cord-clip.

When you take the mat out of the box the first time, you will notice is just how big it is. Compared to most hard mouse mats this one is huge.

The pad's design is quite nice, it's slightly arched so that it is comfortable to use. One of the things that identifies it as a Func is the logo on the bottom right corner of the mat, which gives the mat a nice look because of its color and design. Making an otherwise boring mat stand out.

The backside of the Func pad is just like any other from the F-series. It's made of semi-soft rubber which makes it stick to almost every type of desk surface.

Due to the way the rubber is manufactured it performs really well, it has a fine texture and makes the mat stay in place even while playing FPS-games and such where violent and fast moves are required.
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