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Func F10.S Large Mouse Pad Review

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I have tested this mat with my Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 (IME 3.0) and a Microsoft Habu mouse which uses the same laser sensor as the Razer Copperhead. The mat performed really good with both mice, and I must say it works extremely well with the IME 3.0, so Func are absolutely spot on when they state on the back of their package, that their pads are "optimized for optical mice".

The glide was good enough so that you don't have to use excessive force to move the mouse. I think the mat has a really nice balance between glide and control, it's comfortable to use and feels precise at all times. The mat has a bit more friction than the F.30R and that makes it a nice compromise for most low sensitivity gamers who need speed and control to make reflex shots.

I tried the mat at high sensitivity with my Microsoft Habu and it performed really good, so I can definitely recommend the F10-series from Func to any high sensitivity gamer.


This pad is huge compared to most plastic pads, it is even lager than some of the hybrid mats that I have had for review.

As you can see from the picture above, the Func F10.S Large is even bigger than the NOIDpad, which is a hybrid mat.

It is really nice to see a big hard mat being produced, this is really nice because it enables low sensitivity gamers like myself to get the performance of a hard mat without changing our style of play.


Func has always listed the roughness of their mats via a R number, which is generated from an algorithm which incorporates both the height of the peaks and the distance between them. The Func F10.S has a smooth 10 grain surface which is one of the finest grained surfaces on the market today. As you can see from the images below the surfaces grain is almost unnoticeable.

The surface is optimized for optical mice because of the color and the texture, the performance of the mat combined with my IME 3.0 was incredible, it's a great compromise between glide and control plus you get the precision of a hard mat.


As with any of Func F-series mouse mat it is quite durable, the surface is made of plastic and the bottom of solid rubber. The construction can cope with almost any kind of abuse and can be cleaned with alcohol cleansers and be washed in a sink without being damaged. The only way to ruin the mat is by bending it a lot so that the surface cracks.
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