Func F10.S Large Mouse Pad 0

Func F10.S Large Mouse Pad

Value and Conclusion

  • The F10.S costs € 27.95, the mouse mat is available at IndiWeb.
  • Comfort
  • Smooth surface
  • Control
  • Durability
  • Stays in place while gaming
  • Design
  • Low friction
  • Size
  • Glide could be a bit better compared to mats such as the QPAD EC-R, but since there is so little difference it isn't a major flaw.
The F10.S Large is a really nice mouse mat. It has the smooth Func surface which is one of the best surfaces on the market. The fact that it's so large makes it usable for even low sensitivity gamers like myself. This is nice because it opens up the world of hard mats to low sensitivity gamers which before was only for medium sensitivity gamers and higher. The price performance ratio of the Func F10.S is right at the top, the surface both performs well and is also very durable.
Overall I really liked playing with the Func F10.S. Making the switch from a cloth based hybrid mat to this mat was fast because of the size and feel of the mat.