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Func Mousepad Roundup Review

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Test setup

To test these pads to the limit I have decided to use one cutting edge laser-mouse and one old style optical mouse in order to provide a decent comparison to other mats on the market.
I will be testing them with the Razer Copperhead, with a fully updated driver and firmware (v.6.18).
Furthermore I have just received a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 (IME 3.0) from another BF player called Steen Knudsen(Nick "Chunga"), and I would just like to thank him for providing me with this very special mouse. I will be using the IME 3.0 without drivers because that is the way to get the best performance from it, in my opinion.

Closer Examination

Func surface1030

This mat has a double-sided surface that can be flipped over. It has one relatively rough and one really smooth side (based on my experience with mouse mats). The rough side should have a little less friction than the smooth one, because the mouse feet are in contact with a smaller area of the surface compared to the smooth side. Since the surface is blue, this mat is compatible with almost every laser and old style optical mice on the market.

  • Double-sided large surface area: 10" x 8.5"
  • Two unique surface sides users can choose to mouse on, both providing a smooth feel with a high level of traction consistency and precision
  • Easy to clean and is hand washable when necessary
The mat is quite small compared to the other Func pads and new cloth based mouse mats, this is a problem for me because I’m a low sensitivity gamer, and I can’t play well when the surface is that small.

I found that tracking with optical mice was really good on both sides; there was zero skipping and excellent tracking on both the rough and the smooth side.

The surface1030’s base is made of rubber, it’s extremely durable and makes the pad stay in place even when gaming. One thing that is a bit annoying about it is, that it is really hard to fit the surface in it, but maybe that’s just me being clumsy.
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