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Func KB-460 Gaming Keyboard Review

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The Package

Func ships the keyboard in a pretty, white box.

The keyboard we got for review has a Nordic layout. Func ships replacement keys with the keyboard, so your special characters will look correct on the keyboard, instead of printing three or more letters on the keys with local characters.

Closer Examination

Its soft and black look is really cool! That and its red backplate, just visible through the gaps in-between the keys, makes it look sharp. The font size on the key tops is a little smaller than usual, but not an issue at all.

Back lighting is a must-have for any gamer that plan on attending LANs. The KB-460 has a four-mode back-lighting system and red LEDs behind each key for illumination. The LEDs are not overly bright and nor are its lock LEDs annoying.

Like most gaming keyboards Func has a Func-mode, which turns off the Windows keys.

The keyboard works even without its driver installed on the system. You can access different profiles by pressing the Fn-key and the macro keys at the top simultaneously.

Illuminated Cherry MX Red keys throughout.

The cable solution looks neat and has a braided cover, like the cable on the MS-3 mouse.

The stands offer just one elevation level, but are generally well designed, with rubber feet on them.

A convenient feature on the KB-460 are its two USB ports at the top-right corner.

The layout is totally standard and the placement of everything, including the arrow keys, is totally ordinary, which is a good thing when it comes to keyboards.
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