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Func MS-3 Mouse & 1030XL Mouse Mat Review

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Value and Conclusion - Func MS-3 Mouse

  • The Func MS-3 sells for around $79
  • Superb ergonomics
  • Good build quality
  • Lots of buttons
  • Feature rich
  • Nice design
  • Good driver suite
  • Great tracking
  • Large and slightly heavy
  • Pricey!
  • Some buttons are not that useful
  • Balance of the mouse is not perfect
  • Not the newest generation sensor
The Func MS-3 is a very nice mouse for play, but has a few downsides besides it high price of $79. You do not get the latest generation of Avago's high-end laser sensor, which curtails the mouse's DPI a bit—a minor issue as most gamers do no utilize anything above 4000 DPI. What you do get are very good ergonomics for pretty much all hand sizes along with a wealth of easily assignable buttons. Some of the buttons are placed sub-optimally, but they are still there and can be assigned to pretty much any function.
The aesthetics of the mouse are slightly more matured than what we see from other gaming gear companies, which could be a pro and a con. The MS-3 is, in our eyes, a brilliant combination of both a gaming and business look, and the soft satin surface makes it very comfortable to hold while also allowing for some ventilation between palm and mouse, which reduces perspiration issues.

This mouse is made for gaming, as its look and the number of buttons would suggest. While it is close to perfect for RPGs, there are some issues with regards to FPS gaming. The sensor has a small positive acceleration issue and some of the buttons are placed in a way that makes your grip a bit less efficient once it comes to lifting the mouse, which is essential for low to medium sensitivity gamers. This becomes less of a problem once you get used to the mouse, but the mouse is not for you if you have your mind set on a specific type of grip. The scroll wheel is good for normal work, but its tactile feedback is too weak for FPS gaming, which is a shame since its integrated push-bottom mechanism performs very well.

Value and Conclusion - Func 1030XL Mouse Mat

  • The Func 1030XL sells for $50
  • Two different high-performance surfaces
  • Base design is very good
  • Comfortable to use
  • Perfect glide and control
  • Compatible with most mice
  • Scratches show easily
  • Can be noisy when dirty
Func's 1030 series mouse mats are still among the very best, and the new 1030XL is the best one yet. It is all black and has an updated base with upgraded ergonomics. The basic design is still swept so that the surface follows the movement pattern of your wrist and underarm. Even though it is around 5 mm tall, it is extremely comfortable to use because its edge where your wrist sits is sloped to ensure that is doesn't tear your skin apart.

The price is a bit high at $50, but you do get two world-class surfaces. You can unfortunately only use one of them at a time, which often makes buying a double-sided mouse mat feel like a waste, but this could be a brilliant compromise for those that want one type of surface for desktop work and another for gaming. People who want the same feel for both desktop work and gaming might want to take a look at Func's F10 or F30 mats instead.
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