Future Sonics Atrio In-ears 0

Future Sonics Atrio In-ears Review

Value and Conclusion

  • Future Sonics Atrio costs around $200 online.
  • Bass both quantity and quality
  • Warm tonality
  • Decent soundstage
  • Reasonably good highs
  • Articulate
  • Deep bass
  • None fatiguing to listen to
  • Forgiving sound signature
  • Handles microphonics very well
  • Nice tough design
  • Very high quality foam tips supplied with them
  • Expensive
  • Not the easiest earphones to achieve a good fit from
  • Not the most neutral earphones around
  • The elevated bass will probably be a turn off for some
When it comes to performance the Future Sonics Atrio earphones do exactly what the manufacturer claims. The bass is big, powerful, well extended and most of all quite natural to listen to. The midrange of these in-ears is very warm due to its elevated bass and midbass response, this means that some subtle details are lost, but it also gives them a nice “fat” sound. The sound stage is somewhat affected by the bump in the frequency response in the lower mids and bass area. Some might find the coloration of the mids to be just what they are looking for while other might find it a bit too dull.

Looking besides the core performance of the earphones one of the things I really like about the Atrios is the cable setup. Even though the cables are not user replaceable they are really tough and it handles microphonic noise brilliantly. The integrity of the construction is likewise top notch, overall a very solid design which leaves little to be desired. With the new colors coming out you get to choose between four colors which is always a good thing.

If you are looking for a set of in-ears that can pump out some quality bass and has a good midrange you should definitely have the Atrios on your shortlist. I cannot think of another IEM that can compete with the Atrios in the bass quantity / quality compartment.