GMC H-80 16

GMC H-80

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GMC ships the chassis in a full color cardboard box with a black backdrop. One corner has an image of peeling off, revealing the H-80 name of the enclosure along with a picture of the unit itself. Turning the packaging over, there are various close-ups to showcase all the H-80s unique features. The side holds another image of the case along with its specifications.

GMC secures the H-80 with fairly large Styrofoam spacers and further protects it with a thin plastic bag. Considering the chassis was shipped half way across the world, you can assume that yours will make it to you safe and sound as well.


The contents and accessories usually ship within a smaller cardboard box, but not so in the H-80. It has a clear plastic tray, which is inserted into the bottom 5.25 inch drive bay. All the rails, screws, the P4 extension cable and speaker are neatly packed within this tray. This is certainly not the cheapest way to include all of the necessary parts but makes it very easy to keep them all in a safe place, while giving the user the ability to take it on the road as well.

You will also receive a 120 mm dust filter and manual. The filter can be placed unto the bottom intake area, but does not seem to hold very well in our case.
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