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G.Skill F2-4200PHU2-1GBNT Review

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A closer look

There are two stickers on each module. One is giving you the product name and the serial number which you need in case of an RMA. The other one lists the specified clock speeds and timings of this memory. Adding the recommended voltage here would be useful in my opinion.

On the PCB you find BGA chips with a G.SKILL label on them. I would assume G.SKILL buys blank chips from another manufacturer and prints their logo on them.
Using BGA is a good move to reduce the heat output of the chips. When BGA is used, each memory chip is attached with a lot of tiny solder balls which are on the bottom of the chip. This greatly improves heat transfer between PCB and chip.

The PCB is made by Brainpower who are known for making top-quality memory boards.
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