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A few weeks ago I got me a new notebook from Lenovo, the Thinkpad X60s. It is pretty much the lightest, smallest notebook with a usable keyboard you can get.

Unfortunately the default memory configuration was 1x 512 MB, the upgrade to 2x 512 MB for an extra 100 bucks. Since I'm using Photoshop and other memory hungry applications a lot I decided to look for alternate sources of DDR2 SODIMM memory to upgrade the notebook.
The decision between 1 GB and 2 GB was easy. 2 GB does reduce the battery life more, and 1 GB is enough since I'm not going to play games on this machine. I wouldn't be able to drag 50 images into Photoshop at a time, but losing 30 minutes extra battery life for that isn't worth it for me.

When I bragged about my new notebook to the nice people at G.SKILL they asked what kind of memory comes with it (Samsung PC2-5300) and if I were interested in seeing how G.SKILL's memory performs on the notebook. Of course I was all ears and asked if I could review a 2x 512 MB kit. Since there are no kit packages they just got me two single kits of 512 MB. There are no problems with memory sticks being not specifically "matched".

From the Manufacturer G.SKILL:
  • Package : 256MB pcs (1x256MB) 512MB pcs (1x512MB) 1024MB pcs (1x1024MB)
  • CAS Latency : 4 (PC4200)
  • Test Voltage : 1.8 V
  • PCB Board : 6 Layers PCB
  • Speed : DDRII 533 MHz (PC4200)
  • Type : 200-pin DDRII SDRAM
  • Error Checking : Non-ECC
  • Registered/Unbuffered : Unbuffered
  • Quality Control : Comprehensive rigorously tested in single at Notebook real environment
  • Warranty : Lifetime


This is the memory package from G.SKILL as we know it, just a little bit smaller. It opens easily without any tools and can be closed properly again. I'm using one to store my old 512 MB module that came with the notebook.

Since this is not overclocker's memory and the space in notebooks is small there are no heatspreaders. But usually you aren't overclocking notebooks anyway so it's not important.
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