G.Skill F2-8800 Pi Series CL5 4GB Kit 17

G.Skill F2-8800 Pi Series CL5 4GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the memory DIMMs. The new heat spreader design looks great and even though the fins may look thin, they cannot be bent out of shape. Both sides have a strip running across the heat spreader, with the G.Skill and Pi logo on them. On the side with the specifications, these two logos are moved over a bit. Besides this cosmetic difference, both heat spreader sides look identical.

The fins up top have an elaborate, bent design. They are hooked together up top and you can clearly see the memory ICs, which seem to be touching the spreaders perfectly.

The white sticker holds all the necessary information of this Pi series Kit. We are looking at a 1100 MHz 4GB Kit with CL5-5-5-15 at 1.8-1.9V. This means that the memory manages the rated speed at, pretty much, default voltage - impressive. There is a small serial or model number printed onto the PCB. Google did not turn up any usable information on this number.

Something else caught my eye. The are a few golden spots on the DIMMs. This seems to be the same material used for the traces in the PCB. Looks like the machine, which drew these traces leaked a bit during production. I am sure, that this is an isolated incident and, as you will see later on, the memory performs great.
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