G.Skill Triple-Channel 1600 MHz 6 GB Kit 3

G.Skill Triple-Channel 1600 MHz 6 GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

When reviewing dual channel kits, I tend to cross them on the first image on this page. But what to do with tri-channel kits? The result can be viewed above. The G.Skill modules have been covered with thin heatspreaders, which are held in place by quite strong, double sided athesive. I would not recommend pulling these off, as you may damage your modules in the process.

Both sides look identical with the G.Skill logo on the left and a "wave" on the bottom across the entire heatspreader. On side also holds a sticker with all the usual information.

The markings on the edge of the PCB give away the original manufacturer of the circuit boards used. B63URCB 0.70 means that BrainPower is behind these.

The G.Skill logo is part of the heatspreader and has not been glued on. This is certainly a nice little touch. The memory sticker clearly states the actual model number, the speed and total density of the kit, its intended CL rating and the required voltage to run the modules at the rated settings. Another nice information on the side: the serial numbers of the kit we received for review end with 100, 101 and 102.

The red G.Skill modules are a perfect match for the Foxconn BloodRage X58 board. Let's see if it can do more than just look good!
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