G.Skill  TridentX F3-2666C11Q-16GTXD 4x 4GB 2666 MHz C11 10

G.Skill TridentX F3-2666C11Q-16GTXD 4x 4GB 2666 MHz C11 Review

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The box of the G.Skill F3-2666C11Q-16GTXD kit is very basic, and the plain brown cardboard container really fails to amaze. I think G.Skill knows you'll just toss the box aside, so there is not much point in it being fancy, and the simple packaging has to help them keep costs on these high-end kits pretty low. One side of the box has G.Skill's contact info and a few stickers: one for each individual module and one for the kit itself.

Upon opening the box, I found a fan on top! Placing a fan on top of any memory running at over 2400 MHz is highly recommended, and nearly every such kit comes with one. I removed the fan and a piece of paper from the box and found the sticks to be hiding underneath of a cardboard divider.

I found four memory sticks wrapped in individual foam sleeves, the fan, a case badge, and a manual for the fan. The case badge is a nice freebie.
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