G.SKILL TridentX 2933 MHz C12 2x 4 GB kit 19

G.SKILL TridentX 2933 MHz C12 2x 4 GB kit Review

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The G.Skill TridentX 2933 MHz kit showed up in G.Skill's standardized brown box with very little on it other than G.Skill's company information and a label that matches the sticks inside.

There are two stickers on the outside of the box. One seals the box shut and another indicates the platform this kit is meant to be used with. I've got several of these boxes on my hardware shelf now, and not much separates them other than those platform stickers and their small labels.

Cutting the sticker that acts as a seal in half and opening the box reveals the included fan on top and the sticks in a cardboard divider below. I found the two sticks, a small manual, a case badge, and the fan inside.

The fan that comes with the G.Skill TridentX 2933 MHz 8 GB kit is a little different to the fan that came with my TridentX 2666 16 GB kit, with different fans bolted onto the same frame. These fans have fewer blades, but a more aggressive sweep, which should provide airflow with a bit more pressure than the previous version. Each fan pulls 0.10A via a nicely sleeved 4-pin MOLEX connector.
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