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Gelaskin for iPhone

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A Closer Look

Upon closer inspection, the printed image on the Skin does have a bit of noise. This is just noticable upon closer inspection, and the above image is a rough 10x maginfication of the actual image size. It was taken by zooming in close with a 10 MP Canon 400D and then simply the center of the skin was cut out to make up the shot. You will not notice it during everyday usage.

Lookin at the skin from an angle, the underlining reinforcing structure can be seen. It has been added, so that the skin cannot be streched out of shape that easily, Once a corner is peeled off, it becomes apparent that the cross pattern is due to thin strings that have been applied to the underside. The skin does have a very high quality feel to it and should manage to stay unharmed during normal usage.


We will be using a brand new 8GB iPhone (UK Model) as our test subject, as this is the intended purpose of our received Gelaskin. As we mentioned before, they also offer them for iPods, Apple notebooks as well as portable gaming consoles and Motorola RAZR phones.

The application of the Gelaskin is quite easy in case of the iPhone. Just line the corner with the hole up with the camera and then make sure the skin is straight. I actually managed to get it lined up nicely on the first try. Once it is in place, simply push down along the center firmly, to secure it in place, then go along the edges with a strong grip, so it holds nicely. The edges are a bit tricky and I did have a few small waves in it. These did vanish after a few days of use. Now the Gelaskin sticks firmly to the phone. As you can see there is still some free area around the skin, but this is normal, as there is no proper way to get the curve covered with a 2D sticker.
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