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GELID DarkForce Review

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Gelid packs the chassis in a full color box with an image of the unit in the front and an open snap of the enclosure in the rear. In terms of design, the package may not really be the creme de la creme, but will do the job just fine. You will find another image and the specifications of the DarkForce chassis on the side of the box.

The DarkForce is secured with Stryrofoam spacers and protected from light scratches and fingerprints with a plastic bag. Our chassis got here just fine, so you should not have to worry either.


Gelid includes a good set of extras within the chassis. You will get all black screws, which come sorted in separate bags. Interestingly enough, there are only two zip ties. While the presence of these - especially of adequate size and strength - is a good thing, I would have liked to see a few more. You will also receive a Gelid badge and adequate manual.
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