GELID Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound 40

GELID Solutions GC-Extreme Thermal Compound Review

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Packaging and Contents

GELID’s new GC-Extreme thermal compound comes in a hard plastic shell. On the front you can see the tube of thermal grease, the applicator as well as a cardboard cut out showing awards the thermal compound has won (one from TechPowerUp!). On the back of the container is a graph of the sample's performance as well as snippets from reviews about the GC-Extreme compound. The package has a green and black theme, matching GELID’s “gamer” line of products.

To retrieve the thermal grease, the user must cut open the plastic shell. Once open, it cannot be closed or re-sealed. It would have been nice to see a pop on/off clip implemented for those who do not want to have to rip apart the packaging. Included in the package is the 3.5 gram tube of GC-Extreme as well as GELID’s famous applicator (to spread the thermal grease on the CPU).
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