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Gigabyte Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse Review

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The Package

Gigabyte ships the Krypton mouse in a huge box. Inside, the mouse and the bundle are well protected.

The bundle for the Krypton gaming mouse is definitely not of the usual kind. The mouse features a changeable back plate, which means users can choose between using the mouse with normal Teflon feet and using it with a new kind of feet exclusive from Gigabyte. The difference between the rock hard ceramic feet and the more regular Teflon kind is astounding.

Closer Examination

Gigabyte's choice of styling is definitely special. The entire sidewall of the mouse is clad in natural rubber. As you can see, the side buttons are also rubberized, but even so they are easy to tell apart from the rest of the side, because the feel is distinctly different.

The rubber sides work great, but the positioning of the profile switch button is a bit annoying because your thumb has a tendency to want to rest right over it. If you use a claw-type grip, the issue is not as serious, but an issue just the same. The positioning of the thumb buttons is also a bit too aft for users with long fingers or large hands. This mouse is ambidextrous like the Zowie AM mouse we had tested just recently.

The back side looks the same except for the feet which are totally different. Despite the back plate used, the balance of the mouse stays the same.

The weight system implementation on the Aivia Krypton mouse is pretty good. The most usable spots are the ones on either side of the sensor, since placing weights here will not compromise the weight distribution of the mouse. Gigabyte provides you with plenty of weights to trim the mouse.

Sizewise, this mouse is a tad on the small side just like the Zowie AM. The design is more suited for users who use a claw-type grip.


The driver suite works fine and is reasonably quick to load. The driver suite is not the easiest to navigate through because it is not tab based. Sometimes you just find yourself in a window where all the other quick options are gone and you have to press a small 'back' button in order to proceed with your configuration. Other than that, the driver is packed with good features and you get full control over the memory on the mouse.
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