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GIGABYTE Aivia Touch Charge Neon Presenter Mouse Review

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The Package

The Aivia Neon mouse comes in a big case with quite a few extras inside.

The bundle is perfect for a presenter mouse. You get a small USB charger/dongle and carrying bag.

The charging system is quite well thought out. The charger is inside the mouse and there are two small leads on both the mouse and the dongle. It does put some limitations on how and where you can charge the mouse, but seems like a decent solution for people on the go.

Closer Examination

The mouse has quite an unconventional shape, because it is both for presenting and navigating.

The scroll wheel on this miniature mouse works quite well. The mouse is also equipped with a laser pointer that will come in handy during presentations.

You only get one side button with the Neon, which is alright for presentations but a bit annoying for casual browsing and normal desktop work. There is a small door that reveals the charging connection. The button also works in presentation mode, with the mouse off the surface. Pushing the thumb button with the Neon in midair will let you control the courser through your wrist's movement. While doing so is less precise than using the mouse on a desk, it is a great addition for when you have to press something during a presentation.

The mouse is very narrow at its narrowest point, making it a bit odd to grip, but it works fine in midair, when used as a presenter mouse. It is geared towards presentations rather than normal, mouse-related tasks.

Sensor placement is a bit odd but works alright. The laser sensor is more than good enough for normal tasks, and it works on a lot of different surfaces, which is great.
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