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Gigabyte FLY Headphones Review

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The Package

Gigabyte's FLY headphones come in a pretty ordinary box. The headphones are also very well protected in there.

One of the things to usually wear out on a set of portable headphones is the cable assembly. Gigabyte went with a very beefy setup for the FLYs. It is a bit stiff and the mini jack is huge, but not annoyingly so. The Y-split is quite slim but seems rugged enough for daily abuse.

Closer Examination

Let there be no doubt about it: The FLY design is an original one. The headband is unpadded and is basically just a metal brace. The ear cups look metallic but are made from plastic. Overall, these headphones look pretty funky, generally matching most portable devices well. The plastic ear cups keep the weight down at just 79g, or 6584 house flies.

The headband design works alright because the headphones are incredibly light. We still feel adding a slim piece of foam would have been ideal.

These have two cable entries, and small markings underneath the cups denote which is the left or right cup.

When it comes to pads, the FLYs are well off. They are soft and thick enough to secure a good seal between ears and ear cups.
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