GIGABYTE Force K7 Gaming Keyboard 3

GIGABYTE Force K7 Gaming Keyboard Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The GIGABYTE FORCE K7 sells for $49.
  • Adjustable three color back lighting
  • Short travel distance keys
  • Large wrist wrest
  • Slim and silent
  • Good build quality
  • Extra functional scroll wheels
  • WASD anti-ghosting
  • Scissor mechanisms are not as comfortable to type on as mechanical ones
  • Somewhat expensive for a rubber-dome keyboard
  • No driver suite
  • Anti-ghosting limited to WASD area
GIGABYTE FORCE K7 is a bit of a hit and miss in terms of performance and design. GIGABYTE probably tried to accomplish too much with their K7 design; its purpose remains unclear. An ultra-slim keyboard is interesting to those looking for something sleek, but the K7 is a big gaming keyboard. A gaming keyboard should, on the other hand, have lots of gaming features, and the K7 misses two big ones: a good driver and full anti-ghosting. Partial anti-ghosting is there and might be enough for most people, but many cheaper keyboards can provide the same. The K7's back-lighting system does work, but the Lock LEDs are a bit too bright, and the back-lighting for its other keys is a bit too dim.

Pricing of the K7 does make up for some of the cons, but a $49 MSRP keyboard is not exactly cheap since you can get a slim-line membrane keyboard by another quality manufacturer for about $20. The scroll wheels and back-lighting system make up GIGABYTE's unique touch, but their touch seems to come at a very high premium.
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