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Gigabyte Odin GT 800W Review

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At first glance GIGABYTE's Odin GT PSU looks like any other ordinary power supply. But when taking a closer look you can see many nice details that improve the overall impression of the unit.

The red switch on the back is lighted when turned on. A 110V/220V selector is not here - the PSU automatically detects the supply voltage.

On one of the sides you have a very open honeycomb pattern which should help for airflow. Unfortunately a sheet of transparent plastic is right behind the holes, so this helps only make the PSU look more pretty. So does the embossed "GIGABYTE power supply" label.

GIGABYTE has chosen to fix the most important cables which you will almost always use. This helps to avoid some of the problems of modularity, like voltage drops on the important connectors but still lets you minimize the number of cables used to keep your case inside clean.

The GIGABYTE Odin logo is protected by a thin plastic film which can be peeled off.

I have never seen a motherboard power connector like the one on the Odin GT. It seems to be much more durable and is much easier to plug in and remove. Its only drawback is that the extra four pins can not be unclipped or somehow else moved out of the way. This could become a space issue on some really old motherboards - which you shouldn't have anyway if you are buying this PSU.

GIGABYTE has put the 8-pin EPS and the 4-pin connector on the same cable. This allows easy selection of the right connector for your needs.

The PCI-E power cables support the new 8-pin standard. If you look closely at the extra two-pin connector you can see two small pins which help align the connector with the bigger one. You can't clip them together though.

You can attach external temperature sensors to the Odin GT. These can be placed anywhere you like, for example on a HDD or to measure ambient case temperature. Those temperatures are then available within GIGABYTE's Software.
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