Gigabyte Setto 1000 & ODIN 470W PSU 2

Gigabyte Setto 1000 & ODIN 470W PSU Review

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Gigabyte packages the Setto 1000 in a full color box. The front does not have an image of the chassis, instead the model name and number is printed all over the front. The rear - on the other hand - goes into great detail with all three versions of the case shown, as well as plenty of smaller shots of various features. Considering the budget nature of the chassis, there are a whole lot of these small images, which may make you think that the case is packed with features. Most of these focus on the outside of the chassis however. You will find the specifications listed on the side of the cardboard box.

The case is secured within the package with Styrofoam spacers, while a fairly thin plastic bag further protects the case from scratches.


You will not find a lot of extras inside the box. Gigabyte has included the bare minimum of screws as the case has a screw-less system to hold your drives in place. A folded black & white poster holds all the basic information to install your hardware within the Setto 1000 successfully.
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