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Gigabyte Sumo Power Silver 900 W Review

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The unit comes in a rather large package. On the front a minimalist design is used. On a dark background we find only the company's name in the top left corner, along with the PSU series and the efficiency badge on the center. As usual, on the rear side there is lots of info about the PSU's features, design and characteristics. Among others we are informed that the unit uses Japan made primary caps, solid caps in the secondary side, large heatsinks to efficiently dissipate the heat and a double EMI filter to suppress electromagnetic interference. Finally, on one of the two sides of the box we can read the unit's power specifications.


Once we remove the packaging's outer sleeve we discover a carton box. Inside it, between several layers of packaging foam, we find the PSU which is stored in a nylon bag with Gigabyte's logo on it. Here we must note that we are very pleased when we find the units stored in nylon or better cloth bags. This is a sign that the manufacturer paid extra attention to the packaging and didn't just throw the unit along with some bubble wrap in the box. Besides the PSU, the modular cables are also stored in a pouch so you won't have to worry where to store the unused ones. The rest of the bundle includes the user's manual, an AC power cord and a set of fixing bolts for chassis mounting. Unfortunately Gigabyte didn't include any Velcro ties or at least some zip ties for cable management and that's a shame.


The small, LED lit, fan, looks a little bit awkward compared to the rest of the unit and subtracts style points. On the front we meet the classic honeycomb exhaust grill and two switches next to the AC receptacle. The big switch is for switching On/Off the unit while the other one is for switching the LED lighting. On one of the two sides we find the power specifications label while on the other there is a small Gigabyte logo along with the Silver efficiency badge. On the rear resides the modular panel which has three red sockets for the PCIe cables and five black ones for the peripheral/SATA cables. The native cables are fully sleeved back into the housing but there is no grommet around the cable exit hole. Overall the finish is quite good and the paint is scratch resistant, according to Gigabyte. The conventional fan grill along with the small fan is what spoils the external appearance, in to our humble opinion.
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