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GIGABYTE Triton 180 Review

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I got home from work and there she was, sitting in my room; the new GIGABYTE Triton 180 case. The box the unit comes in is very nicely designed, showing off the case and all the different styles it comes in. One thing I noticed is there is quite a dent in the bottom of the packaging, but hopefully nothing got damaged...

Once you start to open the box, you'll find the case's manual, and lots of Styrofoam protecting the case. The case is very well packed and protected to help insure it doesn't get damaged in transit or storage.


A nice little white box is found inside the case which contains all the screws and other hardware used to mount components into the chassis. GIGABYTE included wire lock downs, HDD mounts and even a lint free cloth to wipe down the case. I promptly found out the cloth is also great for cleaning my glasses, so I really liked this included goody.

The manual included is in eight different languages which include: English, French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and Italian. Like all GIGABYTE manuals, it's very inclusive in the explanations and walk throughs of their product.
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