Gigabyte Z97X-GAMING G1 WIFI-BK (Intel LGA 1150) 19

Gigabyte Z97X-GAMING G1 WIFI-BK (Intel LGA 1150) Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

  • The Gigabyte Z97X-GAMING G1 WIFI-BK is available for around $370 - $390 at various online retailers.
  • AMP-UP Audio design for customized Hi-Fi sound
  • Support for up to four VGAs in SLI or CrossfireX
  • Both KillerNic and Intel LAN controllers included – get the best of both worlds
  • Built-in MOSFET watercooling support – just add the fittings of your choice
  • Excellent updated software package
  • Wide-open BIOS full of overclocking options, ready for tweaking to the limit
  • Fully functional 2D & 3D AMI UEFI BIOS that includes mouse functionality and support for 3 TB+ drives
  • High, but justified price close to $400
  • WiFi support not possible if you use four VGAs
  • Power consumption a bit elevated
  • Too perfect: This board deserves to be framed and displayed like a trophy, not to be used in your PC
Gigabyte has really outdone themselves with the Z97X-GAMING G1 WIFI-BK. Each and every aspect of this board, put to the test, performed incredibly well, either meeting or exceeding my expectations. As the base of a high-end three- or four-GPU gaming rig, the Z97X-GAMING G1 WIFI-BK is the perfect option, watercooling and decent sound all built right in. If the audio is not quite up to your taste, you can change that easily, and with the method offered, those who undertake such an expense will fully appreciate what Gigabyte has done here. This board is built for those who know their stuff and demand high quality. This is in fact the BLACK EDITION, and that I find myself so impressed is a testament to just how completely and successfully Gigabyte has executed their BLACK EDITION moniker. They set out to bring us the best and make it bullet-proof, which is most definitely what I see here.

As Gigabyte's high-end GAMING product, there is not much left to say. Adding the capability to push four VGAs with a platform that did not really set out to work in such a way is no small task, and Gigabyte managed to pack everything else in that is here, including their completely blacked-out esthetic once the heatsinks are removed, which shows their commitment to meeting their customers' needs, since everything I see here was directly asked for at one point or another. It costs a fair bit, but once in your hands, you cannot deny that every penny spent was worth it. Look, finish, and feel: This board has it all.
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