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Goldenmars Identity Flashdrive & SD Card Review

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First I'd like to thank Goldenmars for supplying me with these two items.

GoldenMars is a California based company that specializes in various kinds of memory (flash, USB sticks and system memory) and multimedia players. Next to their production facility in Taiwan and headquarters in California GoldenMars also has offices in Germeny, China and Hong Kong. So if you're near one of these places, you could most likely find some Goldenmars products near you.
They are now expanding from being an OEM manufacturer to targeting the retail market. To facilitate the changes, the company launched its signature brand “GeeDom” line of memory modules and flash based storage products in the retail market in the summer 2006, all GeeDom memory products come with a lifetime warranty.

We received two of these items to review. The first being a 512MB USB stick, which distinguishes itself from others by having a screen with a user defined label and information on free space. The second item is a 512MB SD card. Both are part of the GeeDom line which they launched last year.

Enough about GoldenMars, let's take a look at the products at hand.


I received both items together in a box, both in their own retail box though. Before I broke them free they looked like this:

The Identity flash drive

The SD card.

Breaking free is the right word here, as much as I like to have my stuff packed well I also want to be able to open the box relatively easy. As you might knew, this kind of plastic isn't easy to open. Even with the kitchen scissors I had some trouble opening it. Unfortunately a lot of items are packed this way.

In the plastic there is the item, and a piece of hard paper with some information on the item. The SD card comes in a small plastic box in which you can keep it. Nothing special though, it seems to be nearly identical to others I have.
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