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Good Work Systems Fragpedal Elite Review

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I would like to thank Good Work Systems/ for supplying the review sample.

Good Work System, the company behind the website is based in Berkley, California. To give you an idea about the company, the following text can be found hidden away under Support on their website:
Good Work Systems is an innovative computer peripherals design company headquartered in Berkeley, California with a commitment to developing ergonomic input devices that increase performance and reduce operational stresses. In November of 2002, Good Work Systems introduced the world's first optical gaming mouse, the RTR-720. The company has specialized in gaming peripherals since 2001 and is currently developing products for both the gaming and DIMAR (Digital Image Manipulation and Rendering) markets. All products run under the company's flagship proprietary peripheral platform software, PAL™ (Peripheral Action Language) which enables customized, ergonomic, and intelligent operation of PC peripherals.
Good Work Systems is making the very innovative R2 Mark II Gaming Mouse. We will be taking a look at their newest offering, the Fragpedal Elite:

With the pedals you can:
  • Fire weapons with your feet!
  • Zoom with your feet!
  • Cast spells with your feet!
  • Control movement with your feet!
  • Scroll with your feet!

Packaging & Contents

At this time we usually show you in what and how the review sample is packaged. We usually have a few pictures, so you will know what to look for in stores or online. The Good Work Systems Fragpedal Elite does not have a final box design yet and the review sample we received is an advance, but final production unit. To give you an idea about what the package will look like in the future, here a quote from the guys at Good Work Systems:
On the packaging, the Fragpedal Elite is coming out in two different retail packages.

A. One is large and flat, (a box about 9 1/2" by 12" by 1" deep) that will go in the peripherals section in retail.
This package is close to being produced, and we can send you photos soon. This package has a clear window design that displays both pads side by side from the front.

B. Second package is approx. the size of a PC game box, and the Fragpedal pads are packaged back to back. This package is for the game section of retail stores.
This packaging is for a major game publisher involved as a co-marketing partner, and we'll have this a little later.

As there is no packaging, the only other item included in the shipping box is a small 8 cm CD. It is a normal CD-R with a high quality sticker on the top.

We have received images of the retail package from Good Work Systems. If you are in the market for the Fragpedal Elite, watch out for the following box:
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