Good Work Systems Fragpedal Elite 3

Good Work Systems Fragpedal Elite Review

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A Closer Look

The pedals are of equal size and each features two round and fairly high buttons. The dimensions should be perfect for your feet as an input method. The sides of the pedals are of plastic as well, but with a chrome finish. It would have been great to see some metal being used, as it would certainly extend the lifespan of the device. The underside of the pedals are covered by a foam like material. It looks much like the underside of mouse pads. This should work well on hard floors, so that the Fragpedals stay in place during usage.

One of the Fragpedals has a little cutout in the foam. There is a reflective sticker with the name of the pedals and the website URL. The USB plug is quite normal, but Good Work System has placed a domed sticker on one side, with the initials of the company name - GWS. The W is shaped like a butterfly.

To give you an idea about size, I placed a normal CD next to one of the pedals. The total length of the Fragpedal should be fine for normal feet, as there is a 2.5 to 3 inch distance between the buttons.
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