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ATI & NVIDIA Video Enhancement Quality Tested Review

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HQV Benchmark 2.0

HQV2.0 is a collection of challenging video clips, each of which presents a difficult video playback scenario and then asks the reviewer to evaluate the success with which the video processor under test copes with, or corrects, a particular sort of video artifact which might appear in the scene.
Developed by IDT to showcase the features of their consumer and commercial HQV video processing hardware (typically integrated into consumer and commercial HDTV displays, Blu-ray Players, A/V Receivers, projectors and video processing boxes), HQV2.0 is also useful in evaluating video playback quality on various other video playback devices, including desktop and notebook computer systems.
With a growing number of notebook and desktop computers becoming capable of Blu-ray and other high definition video playback, a quality analysis tool is a useful thing to have. Unlike 3D performance, where framerate is king, video performance is more about how great the picture looks and how often that picture quality is degraded by visual artifacts or other issues. HQV2.0 provides a useful means to evaluate that aspect of the Blu-ray experience.

The Tests

HQV2.0 includes 39 different tests, organized into four major "Test Classes". Each Test Class is composed of a number of "Chapters", and each Chapter is composed of a number of tests.
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