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Head-Direct HiFiMAN HE-500 Headphones

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The Head-Direct HiFiMAN HE-500s ship in a durable storage box just like the other HiFiMAN products.

Bundle wise the HE-500s are no let down either. You get a spare pad, two headphone connectors and of course a box that works well for storage.

Every headphone has its quirks and for the HE-500's it is definitely the cable. It is made from Canare speaker cable and feels like it weighs ton. While it is highly durable it is just a pain to carry around, not only due to the weight but also because of its stiffness. The HE-500 cable dwarfs the delicate high quality cable from the HE-6s.

Closer Examination

Head-Direct are sticking to what they know works with the HE-500s. The mechanical construction is exactly the same as that of the HE-6s which is both a pro and a con. Since the headphones can be run by a portable amplifier to great results, it would have been nice to see a lighter more purpose built design.

The mechanical construction of the HE-500s is definitely better than most, albeit not quite on par with the tank like designs from beyerdynamic and Ultrasone.

The size adjusters work really well on the HE-500s and give you plenty of adjustment options.

One of the most dominant design features of the HE-series headphones from Head-Direct is the huge grill area.

The coax cable connectors are still used on the HE-500s. Compared to many of the more elaborate cable connectors this one really works. It is durable, simple, and cheap because it is available through any well assorted electronics dealer.

Comfort wise the Head-Direct HiFiMAN HE-500s are almost equal to the HE-6s. The pads are made from quality velour and the headband is covered in thin pleather. The pad depth is slightly lower than that of the HE-6s which is a real problem in terms of comfort because your ear tips are effectively touching the front of the driver protector. Head-Direct are working on a new design so that this problem will be alleviated.
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