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HiFiMAN RE-600 In-ears

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The Package

HiFiMAN ships their new high-end in-ears in a pleather box. The box is huge considering the minute size of the new design from HiFiMAN.

The bundle is alright in terms of tip selection, but the tips are a bit of a letdown construction-wise. No hybrid or foam tips have been included, and the silicone tips are not particularly high-end. Compared to tips supplied by UE, Westone, and Shure, these are of a better quality. The big bi-flanges are big and slightly awkward with the new RE-design, which is alright with the old, big RE earphones, but it just makes for a bad fit here. The smaller bi-flanges work alright and so do the rest of the tips, but none of the included tips make for a particularly tight and secure fit. The newly designed, angled tips feel great in the ear, but the silicone construction leaves some to be desired. The difference in sound quality between tips is audible, which makes getting them right essential.

The cable organizer looks and feels cheap, which is not something you want for a set of $399 in-ears.

Closer Examination

The RE-600s take after the RE-400s in terms of external design. The finish has been changed; it is not a plain aluminum, but a glossy black. The cable-strain-relief system is exactly same.

The glossy black finish serves these well. The RE-600s look the part, sitting on your desk.

The cable solution has not changed that much on the outside, compared to the RE-400s. However, there are major changes on the inside as the cable is a copper-silver hybrid made especially for HiFiMAN.

Size-wise, the RE-600s are on the smaller side, which is great. Thus far, all the people I have had try the new design could easily fit them into their ears. Compared to the UE900s, these are easier to insert, and the fit is nice with the proper tips. Volume-wise, these are close to the size of the Westone 1s, which are on the far right in the picture.
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