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HighSpeed PC Tech Station Large Review

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Packaging/Inside the Box

The Tech Station is packed securely in the box. Everything you need to build the Tech Station is in the box, but you'll also need a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten all the various screws.

Inside the box we found the parts all wrapped in bubble wrap to keep them safe. We also got a little bag of zip ties, as a little extra saying thanks for your purchase.

Here you can see all the components of the Tech Station before assembly.

In this bag you will find an assortment of switches, LEDs, and a speaker which you attach to your motherboard with ease.

This bag contains all of the screws needed to put together the Tech Station as well as the hard drive rack and fans.

In this bag you have all the motherboard standoffs you rest your motherboard on when in use.

Here you have the manual; it goes into precise detail, and its also English friendly. That might sound funny but it was obviously written by a person who has a grasp of the English language, because it lacks the grammatical errors found in many motherboard manuals and relates to a computer enthusiast.
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