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HighSpeed PC Tech Station Large

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Putting It Together

The Tech Station is essentially a workbench for your computer. It was built to give the user easy access to parts and to provide a good cooling environment. The Station has four open sides to provide good airflow. Although it is held up by four pillars of plastic it still maintains support for the power supply and other devices you desire to put on top.

These are the parts that need to be assembled.

The first step is to screw in the rubber standoffs used to hold the motherboard above the plastic surface. The nice thing about rubber standoffs is that they don’t short anything, they keep a good grip on the motherboard, and they are soft and don’t scratch.

Then you screw in the pillars, and you have your basic Tech Station

The fan assembly is very simple, the only concept that you need to grasp, is that the fans are upside down but you are building them right side up. The top board is marked so that you know where to screw in everything.

The Once the fans are in, you proceed to screw on the fan grills. The Tech Station is so well designed, that they even include nice black screws to match the fans.

The hard drive rails are simple to install, but I wish they could have included a CD-ROM / PSU rail or something.

This part is tricky. You place the neoprene on top of the top plastic sheet, and screw in four screws in four corners. The trick is that you have to make nice holes in the neoprene or it will rip a little bit. After you are done with that, you place the top half on the bottom half, and screw all the way through the pillars.

Here you find the hole and then you screw the plastic retention holder onto the Tech Station. Its job is to provide support for the add-on cards.

Here is the finished product of all your work. Your very own completed Tech Station. But if you don't want to build it yourself High Speed PC does sell these already assembled.
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