Hiper Osiris Aluminum ATX Case 5

Hiper Osiris Aluminum ATX Case Review

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Hiper ships the Osiris in a full color cardboard package. It has an ancient Egyptian theme, which goes well with the case name. The front only lists the case features and shows an image of Osiris, the ancient god of life, death and fertility. The other side has a detailed image of the case and every single part. This should give you a good idea what to expect. A plastic handle, makes the journey home with the new case as easy as possible.

Hiper has chosen to go with foam spacers and a heavy duty plastic bag to protect the case. The upside of such foam is its ability to regain the original shape after a bump. Styrofoam would just crack and break.


Just like the Anubis, the case comes with a bag full of various contents. The types of screws are sorted and have been placed in separate bags. There are several reusable zip ties, PCI slot covers and several fan header to Molex adapters. A key chain with the same theme of the case, made out of metal and with the same serial number as the case itself, rounds up the package.
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