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Hyper Sonic AG2 Notebook Review

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The Notebook

As mentioned before I received the black version which is extremely high gloss. This notebook is by far the most difficult thing to take photos of I ever encountered.
The looks of the Hyper Sonic AG2 are absolutely stunning - if you are into high gloss. It will definitely make an excellent impression with your friends/visitors. At some point during testing my sister came by for a visit, spotted the notebook in a far away corner "nice notebook", grabbed it and started asking a lot of questions about it.

Please note that the HyperSonic logo is arranged in a way that it will show the logo upright when the notebook is opened. This might confused you when trying to open the notebook the first time because you might try to align it facing to you.

Hypersonic uses a 12.1" WXGA TFT LCD which has a native resolution of 1280x800 pixels. The display is easy to read and has very little reflection, even in brighter rooms.

Above you see how the lid is attached to the notebook. The curved designs causes the display to be a few inches below where you would usually expect it. This takes a bit time to get used to, but is no problem otherwise. Even though I found no real evidence of any weakness, the plastic construction felt a little bit flimsy to me. The lid opens easily and stays open even when the notebook is moved around a bit.

The display stays well readable even if you look at it from an angle.

The keyboard is your normal notebook keyboard layout. By pressing the blue function key to the left of the Windows key in combination with the function keys for example you can invoke special function - just like on most other notebooks.
A trackpad is located below the keyboard to control your mouse pointer. It is of the normal size and is easy to use if you have used one before. Below the trackpad you will find two buttons for the left and right mouseclick. In order to scroll through documents easier you can drag on the right side of the touch pad, where the white dotted area is.

Above picture shows the right and the left side of the notebook. Here you can see the DVD-RW optical burner, a USB port and a connector for your modem. The other side features the AC adapter input, Gigabit Ethernet, Analog VGA (why no DVI?), FireWire and two USB ports. The back has no additional input connectors.

On the front you will find the audio connectivity and a CardReader port for MMC and SD.

In the lid a small webcam is installed, its resolution of 1.3 MPixel is sufficient for WebCam use but nothing outstanding.
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