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Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headset Review

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A Closer Look

The headset is of very high quality and comes with silicone adapter attached. These can be removed by a firm tug on the headphones. The two different type of adapters seem quite durable. The longer one with the three fins is rather long and I could not fit them into my ears. The other, smaller variant is quite comfortable.

The two ear pieces is joined together at different cable lengths. This means that one of then should be routed behind your neck when used.

The extension cable is quite simple but effective. It features two plugs on one end which have the corresponding function embedded in the plastic as an icon. The connectors on the other end have green or red plastic spacers to set them apart. All connections are gold coated for best performance.

The microphone is of very high quality as well. The front features a detailed "i" logo which stands for Icemat. the clip is of high quality as well. There is an on/off switch on one side, while the other side does not have any further functionality.
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