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The pad was tested with laser and optical mice. While some may still use an old fashion mouse ball, it will certainly not be in a gaming environment where mice and mouse pads have become an important asset. The following mice were used to test the Ideazon Fragmat mouse pad:
  • Logitech MX Revolution
  • Sharkoon Rush Laser Mouse
  • Logitech MX518
The Logitech MX Revolution is one of the most advanced mice out there, but is not necessarily considered a gaming mouse. The Sharkoon Rush Laser Mouse on the other hand is geared toward gamers and offers a variable DPI setting between 400 and 2000 DPI. The Logitech MX518 is one of the most successful optical gaming mice and is still commonly used today as the weapon of choice.

The surface of the Fragmat is very smooth, it has a very fine and not very prominent surface structure when compared to other pads. Nonetheless, it is not the fastest pad out there. It should give the user a good balance between speed and accuracy. None of the mice had any problems with the pad at all. The Fragmat is rather hard due to its plastic surface, which may our may not be something you look for in a pad.


The overall size of the pad can be described as "traditional". It is just a bit smaller than the Rantopad Mammoth, but still big enough for high and possibly mid sensitivity gamers. This means that the Fragmat is a pad going for greatest possible compatibility with gamers. It is balanced in performance as well as size.


Another area where the Fragmat excels is the thickness. It is just 1.8 mm thick, which means that it should feel just fine on your desktop. The slight rise is not noticeable at all and makes for some great comfort if you are in the market for a rather hard pad.


Due to the construction of the Fragmat, this pad should last very long. With that I mean more than two years for sure. The surface is constructed of plastic which looks and feels quite indestructible when applied during normal gaming sessions. The combination of the two materials plastic and thin foam is a winning combination and should not be underestimated.
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